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Valentina Monettas neues Album "Sensibilità" erschien am 04.04.2014.


Valentina Monetta is releasing her third album titled Sensibilità ( Sensibility ) by Eurosong Records digitally on April 4th 2014 in the usual platforms iTunes and Amazon. The physical album release will be one month later, on May 2nd, 2014.

This album, her third, consists of fifteen new songs including her Eurovision 2014 entry “Maybe (Forse)” that comes also in Italian and radio versions, title track “Sensibilitá” (also in English and hip hop version). The duet “A Kiss” with Joshua de Cadenex featuring also Corale San Marino choir. Other guests include her brother Vincenzo Monetta in Viaggio Samba, Banda Militare della Repubbica di San Marino in “Non mi vergogno piú”, Of Course Big Band in Hotel,  Mirco Moroncelli in “Di nuovo qui” and another Sammarinese jazz singer Sarah Jane Ghiotti who duets with her in “Se”.

The songs on this album are written and produced half and half by Ralph Siegel and Valentina herself. It's a mixture of various styles from pop to ballads, from bossanova to jazz rhythms and swing. Valentina's heart felt vocals blend it all together in a perfect way showcasing her versatile voice and talent.

Valentina Monetta will be representing San Marino in the Eurovision song contest 2014 in Copenhagen with ”Maybe” in the first semifinal on May 6, 2014, starting number 12

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"Sensibilità" (Album)

1. Sensibilità, 3:05
2. Guardarmi ancora, 3:05
3. Maybe (Forse) (ESC-Version),  3:00
4. Il grande risveglio, 4:12
5. Telepatia, 4:45
6. Il vento, 3:19
7. Viaggio samba (Duet with Vincenzo Monetta), 6:03
8. Non mi vergogno più, 3:06
9. Hotel, 3:56
10. Per te, 4:11
11. Molto di più, 2:29
12. Di nuovo qui, 3:52
13. Il coraccio per amare, 3:39
14. Il fiume, 3:18
15. A Kiss (Duet with Joshua de Cadenéx), 4:12
16. Sensibility, 3:03

Special- and Bonustracks:

17. Maybe (Forse) (Radio Version), 3:54
18. Sensibilità (Hip Hop Version), 3:00
19. Se (Duet with Sarah Jane Ghiotti), 3:08
20. Forse (Maybe) (Radio Version), 3:54

All tracks published by Meteor Musik

Distributed by Sony Music Germany (GSA)
Eurosong Records (Rest of the World)

CD: 8441802652

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