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"Chain of Lights"




Erscheinung Mai 2015

Anita Simoncini & Michelle Perniola – CHAIN OF LIGHTS  ALBUM RELEASE

Anita Simoncini
was born on April, 14th 1999 in San Marino and lives in Montegiardino, the smallest municipality of the country, surrounded by the loving presence of her parents, little brother and two older twin sisters. She is successfully attending the second year of high school with linguistic specialization in the capital of the Republic, studying English, French and German. Music has always played a key role in her life and she has always enjoyed singing in her spare time, especially doing homework or in the bathtub; she just loved to turn on the radio and sing along with her favorite artists, as every natural talent does. She started doing it professionally at the age of 7 years old in the context of the children choir organized by »Fausto Giacomini”, teacher at San Marino’s music institute »Istituto Musicale Sammarinese”. Since 2014, she has been attending singing lessons to improve her skills with her mentor Linda Hermes and »Augusto Ciavatta” at the »Voice Academy” in San Marino. She represented her country in the »Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014” in Malta as a member of the girl group »The Peppermints” with the song »Breaking My Heart”, with the support of Beatrice Simoncini, one of her older sisters, who has become her manager since. They performed third in the final, placed 15th and achieving 21 points. »Junior Eurovision” being the crucial point of her career, she loves to define it as one of the best times of her life. Besides singing, she also has a passion for ballet, which she started practicing at the age of 4 years old at »Attitude Centro Danza” in San Marino. She loves reading and writing, as well as going out with her best friends and travelling around the world with her grandma to experience the wonders of foreign cultures. She also loves animals of every species; therefore, she is also a vegetarian. Her musical taste is very varied. She loves listening to soft rock bands, like Coldplay, but also nu metal bands, like Linkin Park. She loves artists like Radiohead, Nirvana, Beyoncé and Etta James, as well as dancing to the rhythms of DJs performing in the context of a more electronic perspective on music. Anita strongly believes in the message of unity and cooperation conveyed by »Chain of lights”, the song she and her friend Michele Perniola will perform in Vienna. »When I sing ‘We’ve only got one life, so let’s try to make our dreams survive’ I really mean it, because I think there’s nothing more important in life than pursuing our dreams; giving up is not an option”, she said. »I wish our lights will illuminate the darkness of souls and minds, restoring faith and hope in Europe and the rest of the world. What we really need to understand is that we are able to shape the future at our own discretion and we have to do it remembering the importance of harmony and mutual respect, no matter where we come from”. But most of all she is very curious and more than happy to represent her home country San Marino at the »Eurovision Song Contest 2015” in Vienna. Definitely, she will have another great experience in Vienna and hopefully a successful time with a lucky result!

Michele Perniola
was born on September 6, 1998 in Palagiano in the province of Taranto, Italy, where he lives with his parents and two younger sisters and where he attends the second grade of Accounting High School »G.M. Sforza”. His early interest in music was founded by his musician father. From the age of 9 he attended school of classic ballet and took singing lessons. In late 2012 he rose to the national fame with his performances in »Ti lascio una canzone”, the popular RAI 1 TV contest for the under 15. He was rewarded by both jury and TV audience, being labeled as »The Italian Michael Jackson”. He performed Jackson’s songs, among others »Billie Jean” »Man in the Mirror”, »Beat It” and »Earth Song”, performing duets with established Italian Eurovision Stars such as »Al Bano” and »Raf”. On December 1, 2012 he won the sixth edition of the talent show, getting 43% of the total votes. After the show Michele has given series of concerts in his region, and in spring he toured the United States together with other participants of »Ti lascio una canzone”. Michele has been chosen internally by San Marino RTV for their debut in the »Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013” in Kyiv with the song »O-o-O Sole intorno a me” (O-o-O Sunlight all around me) which is Michele’s first single release. He co-wrote this song together with his producer and vocal coach Antonello Carozza. »I am very happy to had the opportunity to participate at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013, it’s was a terrific experience” he said; »but now I am more than happy to be part of the amazing event of the »Eurovision Song Contest 2015” in Vienna and to represent San Marino in the biggest music competition from all over Europe.

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"Chain of Lights" (Single)


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