Mihai Trăistariu - Biographie


Mihai Trăistariu started studying the piano when he was 7 and continued his studies for 10 years. He also took acting and vocal classes. Mihai was awarded the second prize at the first national contest he attended. Then, many international trophies followed, in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Latvia, Belarus.
In 1998, he was noticed at an important Romanian festival and, thus, he became a member of the very successful band Valahia. At the end of 2003, he started a solo career. He went on tours in Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Moldova), in Japan and, of course, all over Romania.
He release 7 albums (with Valahia and as a solo artist), his 8th is going to be released at the end of May 2006. Along his career, he was nominated and awarded trophies for Best Voice, Most Beloved Solo Artist, The Hit of the Year and also received Popularity Awards.
His voice can reach 5 octaves and one third, which is rare for a male voice.
In 2006, at his sixth participation in the Romanian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, he won the contest and further represented Romania for the great show in Athens (Greece), on May 20th, where he came on fourth place, achieving the highest number of points Romanian ever gained with this contest.
But, above this, Tornero – his Eurovision song – became an European hit and Mihai is on his way to International stardom.

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